Let's bring your AI ideas into life

AI Ninjas is a small team of Applied AI experts with experience shipping AI features in FAANG companies to billions of users.We provide services that enable bringing your AI ideas into life without you having acquire in-house Applied AI expertise.

Why work with AI Ninjas?

Although latest breakthroughs in generative models lowered the bar for benefitting from AI, there's still need for specialised knowledge in Applied AI from LLM chaining to prompt engineering, embeddings, fine tuning, deployment and cost efficiency.We are a small team of engineers and product managers with Applied AI experience from FAANG companies.Our goal is to enable domain experts solve business problems with AI without having to acquire Applied AI expertise.


30-Minutes Consultation


  • Evaluation of feasibility of your AI idea

  • Brainstorming on the solution approach

  • Advice on how to get started

AI Prototyping

£999 Free*

  • Validate your AI idea with an interactive working prototype

  • Prototype will be provided either as API, interactive web app or colab notebook

  • Advice on how you can generalize the prototype and productionize it

*Free pricing has limited availability and will be offered to projects we can publish in our public portfolio.
We will only publish high level project descriptions.

AI Development

Custom Pricing

  • Build and deploy a fully working custom AI solution for your business needs

  • Provide full documentation and code so that you can continue on your own

  • We will understand your business requirements and provide you with a quote

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